Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Life is pretty much about the in betweens, the gaps. They’re filling up. Piece by piece. Some, a little too late, some, much too early. Some just never surface, leaving behind a hazy, deceptive perception of what we believe to be the truth. They are what bring change as they close up. They are what define and redefine our truth from time to time. They link parts of our lives and are what create the mystery. Some voids are much too dark, too large, ones that should be left untouched, their mystery is better left unveiled. But of course, they are lurking behind dark corners, waiting to get out…

Monday, January 19, 2009


Just realised a few days ago that a moment, a split second, an instance can change months of belief. That moment is when u comprehend the truth and the truth as you saw it or you believed it to be, is erased in an instant and changes the course of your actions starting that very moment. At first you replay the whole relevant past over and over again in your've done it before, but this time it looks so different, you're seeing things you never saw, things that missed your eye....thats when u stop looking at the past and start seeing it... It changes you immensely....for better...
The past is always there....its just waiting to mess with the present.... you just never know when that'll happen.....if only there was something like a SHOCKER-alert.....But then it wouldnt be fun, would it?! ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

THE Excess-CLUTTER syndrome

Ever felt that youre thinking too much, analysing almost everything you're thinking, absorbing too much, even the minutest of things? ever felt that every component of your life required constant scrutiny, ever resided in this compulsive state of having your thoughts feeding on other thoughts and further branching out into multiple other thoughts, none of which seem to make complete sense to you?! ever thought(the word again!) about what you're supposed to do with all those thoughts?? with the 'excess-CLUTTER', all that u cant explain? all that you're unable to figure out, all that refuses to pass through your comprehension-filter? All that led to this state of DELIRIUM, of constant imbalance within.
This, my friends, is what i call THE excess-CLUTTER syndrome.... and my sole purpose from now is to rid myself of this state of being, and reach a level of understanding with the thoughts that haunt my head day-in and day-out!! The delirium, i feel its presence, ive acknowledged it and now to act on it!
Step 1: DEclutter! segregation of thought...what goes where and what belongs where...some just do not belong! so kick em' out!
Step 2: find means of gaining clarity. WRITE!
Step 3: Start BLOGging! Give the thoughts new connotations. Put the delirium to use....empty your head.
So...that was my first blog...:) Hoping that writing will help me out here!